Nightguards for TMJ / Bruxism

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Nightguards for TMJ / Bruxism

Bruxism is the technical term for teeth grinding. Bruxism can be very serious, especially if left untreated over time. Teeth grinding can lead to broken and worn down teeth, jaw pain, headaches, and problems with your bite. TMJ is also a painful oral condition that when left untreated can be dangerous and painful. TMJ is a blanket term for a series of issues that can affect your temporomandibular joint; the joint that connects your jaw to your skill. This joint is used every time you eat, chew, speak, and open your mouth. Because you use it so frequently, TMJ can be debilitating.

One treatment option for both TMJ and Bruxism are the use of night guards. Our night guards are custom made, making them very comfortable and easy to sleep in. The presence of a night guard can stop teeth grinding and clenching, which also stops TMJ and Bruxism. By wearing a nightguard while you sleep, you can relax your jaw and prevent your teeth from rubbing against each other. This will not only ease your pain, but will also give you more restful night's and improve your sleeping patterns. You will wake up feeling more well rested and ready to take on the day.

Because Bruxism takes place, for the most part, at night, it can be hard to tell if you are suffering from the condition. Likewise, TMJ can be hard to pinpoint and diagnose because it can cause so many adverse side effects. If you are suffering from teeth or jaw pain and think that you may have either of these conditions, come pay us a visit. Additionally, if you are noticing cracked broken teeth, facial tenderness or swelling, general jaw pain, or headaches, you may need TMJ and Bruxism treatment.  We will be able to accurately diagnose you and determine if a nightguard is the most effective course of action to mitigate your pain and reverse these conditions.

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