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High-Quality, Premium Rejuvenation Dentures in Gahanna

Dentures have been around hundreds of years, and today, their convenience and affordability continues to attract new wearers who’ve suffered extensive tooth loss. However, they sit on top of the gums instead of providing any kind of support or jawbone stimulation, which causes problems down the road for health and overall wellbeing.

Thankfully, there’s an alternative – rejuvenation dentures from Dr. Maria Van Huffel. This advanced solution has wondrous effects giving you the youthful, comfortable smile you’ve dreamed of regaining. Please contact our Gahanna, OH practice to learn more, or if you’re ready to schedule a consultation. We also serve the areas of Westerville, New Albany, and beyond.

The Problem with Tooth Loss

When a patient loses teeth, the consequences seem obvious – but there are also concerns that develop below the surface. Your natural tooth roots have the important job of stimulating the jawbone, and without them, the bone begins to resorb, lips and cheeks sink back into the face, and a sunken appearance develops over time. Poorly-made dentures retain this look instead of improving it. That’s where rejuvenation dentures come in!

Our Transformative Solution

Unlike traditional dentures, rejuvenation dentures are designed with the principles of neuromuscular function in mind increasing oral function and providing a stable, supportive fit. This occurs because the appliance is designed for optimal fit of the alveolar bone (the part of your jawbone that anchors natural teeth) and does not inhibit the movement of the oral muscles. This technique rejuvenates facial appearance and repositions skin that has sagged from lack of support. In fact, you may look years younger!

Are you looking for more stability in your reconstructive solution? Here in Gahanna, Dr. Van Huffel also provides implant-retained dentures that feel and look exceptionally similar to natural teeth.

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