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Personalized Preventive Dentistry in Gahanna, OH

You surely want the best for your family, and that includes ensuring they’re healthy and happy . Quality dental care makes that goal a reality! In fact, research suggests that there’s a strong connection between oral health and overall wellbeing, which makes regular dental care all the more important. Here in Gahanna, OH, Dr. Maria Van Huffel and her dedicated all-female staff provides moms, dads, children, and grandparents the valuable preventive care their smiles need. Please contact us today to schedule your first appointment, or if you have questions! We also serve the nearby areas of New Albany, Westerville, and beyond.   

Hygiene Appointments

Attending routine hygiene appointments is one of the most important steps patients take when it comes to protecting their oral health. Here in Gahanna, our staff recommends children and adults alike visit us at least twice a year.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Did you know that over 70% of adult tooth loss is related to the presence of periodontal disease? This common condition begins painlessly, only to cause destructive consequences if it’s allowed to spread and worsen. Thankfully, Dr. Van Huffel and the rest of our staff make the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease a top priority. Thorough screenings are an important part of routine check-ups, and if needed, we provide root scaling and planing, antibiotic therapy, and other personalized therapy depending on the severity of your case.

Children’s Dental Care

Our team loves treating children! We recommend parents bring their little ones around the age of 1-years-old. This allows them to get a head start on enjoying great oral health and a better understanding of their smile’s needs. Fluoride treatment, dental sealants, educational lessons on brushing and flossing, and much more are available at our office.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Here in Gahanna, our team includes oral cancer screenings as part of routine evaluations for adults. This process involves Dr. Van Huffel carefully reviewing oral tissue and noting tell-tale symptoms like red or white patches, slowly healing sores, lumps or crusts, and more. If an area appears suspicious, we arrange a biopsy to determine if there are cancerous or pre-cancerous cells present.

Sedation Dentistry

Patients of all ages experience fear, anxiety, and other negative emotions when faced with an upcoming dental appointment. Thankfully, Dr. Van Huffel offers sedation dentistry as an effective way to help you relax during needed treatment.

Nightguards for TMJ/Bruxism

Bruxism (also known as teeth grinding) leads to serious oral damage and discomfort if left untreated for too long, as well as the possible development of TMJ disorder. Thankfully, our team provides relief in the form of customized nightguards. Patients simply wear this oral appliance every night when they go to bed. The durable plastic materials provide a barrier for nighttime clenching and grinding. Now you can wake up feeling more relaxed and refreshed. 

Occlusal Guard:

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