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Replace Missing Teeth with Gahanna Dental Implants

Losing even one tooth causes patients several difficulties. Not only is your self-confidence affected, but oral function can be as well, making even simple, necessary actions like speaking and eating very frustrating. You don’t have to struggle with this alone. Instead, contact Dr. Maria Van Huffel and her team today to schedule a consultation for dental implants. Implants are a modern and revolutionary reconstructive solution that gives back the strong, beautiful smile you’ve been missing. Located in Gahanna, OH, our office is also happy to welcome new patients from Pataskala, Blacklick, and beyond.

Why Are Dental Implants the Right Choice?

Your natural teeth are composed of two equally important parts – the crown and the root. The crown is the white portion that makes up your smile. Traditional tooth replacement solutions like bridges and dentures are solely composed of crowns. However, the tooth roots beneath the gum line have the important job of stimulating the jawbone, and without them, the tissue begins to deteriorate and leads to serious health and cosmetic concerns. Dental implants are the only reconstructive option that successfully replicates the entire structure of the tooth preserving both oral health and sense of self-confidence.

The Implant Process

Once Dr. Van Huffel determines you’re the right candidate, the new dental implant(s) need to be surgically placed within the jawbone. Our team is happy to recommend a trusted specialist in the area who handles this procedure skillfully and comfortably. Then, typical cases require a months-long healing process, during which the implant(s) create a strong and gradual bond with natural bone and gum tissue. Once this healing is finished, patients return to our practice to have the implants restored.

Restorative Options

There are multiple methods for restoring dental implants that depend on the extent of the patient’s tooth loss, their budget, and personal preferences. Dental crowns are used in cases of single missing teeth so the structure is seamlessly rebuilt without sacrificing the health of natural teeth.  

In cases of more extensive tooth loss, Dr. Van Huffel is happy to offer customized implant-retained bridges and dentures as an effective and satisfying solution. These devices are similar to traditional bridges and dentures except for one crucial detail – they’re designed to attach to implants placed within your jawbone creating a much sturdier and more lifelike fit. Both fixed and removable options are available. If you are you not the best candidate for dental implants, please take a look at our rejuvenation dentures, or contact our Gahanna location for more guidance. We look forward to helping you smile brightly!



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